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Monday Morning Encouragement

By Joshua Camacho

For your encouragement in the Lord, here is some stuff that happened over the past two weeks that will never make the news.

  1. Local Christian resisted temptation to sin, finds greater satisfaction in Christ.
  2. Celestial bodies issue joint statement: God is majestic and glorious.
  3. Newly appointed deacon fixes door that has vexed local church for years.
  4. Roses in park blossomed in vivid color, arising suspicion of intelligent intent.
  5. Neighborhood mom overcomes odds to faithfully and patiently finish homeschooling for the spring.
  6. Thousands of local Christians prayed for their neighbors this morning.
  7. San Jose christian feeling overwhelmed, is encouraged and prayed for by faithful friend.
  8. Man cooks amazing meal for family as an expression of love for Christ.
  9. Universe doesn’t spontaneously collapse. Somehow no one is amazed…
  10. Bibles currently being translated into the Ngbugu and Konni languages for the first time.
  11. Neighbor dog accidentally gets out, delights nearby children before safely returning home.
  12. Joni and Friends hosted a family retreat to bless and encourage families with special needs.
  13. Lord of heaven answers millions of prayers all over the world.
  14. Little boy’s fear of the dark, overcome by prayer of faith in God.
  15. Local pastor baptizes son…cries with joy when no is looking.

May God fill your day with simple joy and supernatural delight! :)
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