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What is Membership?

Church membership is a commitment to be part of a local body of followers of Jesus to love and serve one another. At West Hills Community Church we worship together, grow together in community and serve together in mission. As a member you commit to loving and serving the local church, exercising your spiritual gifts, contributing financially to the work of the ministry, giving encouragement and accountability in love and receiving the same with humility.

Membership Process

1. Profess faith in Jesus as your Lord and Savior

2. Be baptized as a sign of the new life you have in Christ (If not already baptized)

3. Attend our New Members class
Getting a handle on a church that is new to you can be exciting, overwhelming, filled with questions, even somewhat of a culture shock. In fact, it could be all of the above. West Hills 101 is a specially designed introductory class that meets several times each year to help you in the process of discovering what West Hills is all about.
Here are some of they key things we will cover in the class:
  • Who we are
  • What we believe
  • Our vision for West Hills
  • Community groups
  • Ministry opportunities
  • Meeting staff and elders
  • Meeting others who are new to West Hills
  • What it means to be a church member

4. Review our statement of faith and members covenant.

5. Sit down for a conversation with one of our pastors or elders to get to know you, hear your testimony and discuss and sign our statement of faith and membership covenant.

6. Be welcomed into membership at a member meeting.