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West Hills
Counseling Center

West Hills offers Biblical counseling free of charge to anyone seeking help. Counseling is Biblically based and is focused on helping you live out God’s truth in real life. We can also help you navigate relationships with other counseling / mental health resources from a Biblical perspective.

We minister in a wide variety of areas including: adoption, anger, anxiety, conflict, depression, disappointment, disability, divorce, finances, marriage, men, premarital, relationships, sexuality / identity, women’s issues.
Contact Pastor Mike Burchfield via email or phone (408 -779-0697) for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Our Approach

Understanding Biblical Counseling

West Hills counseling is committed to helping people address struggles they face through the lens of Scripture. The goal is to help people grow in their relationship with Jesus, others and self as they walk through the process of working out the messy realities of life.

Our counseling seeks to help you connect what you are experiencing to God’s truth in a practical way. We seek to help you grow in knowing what God calls you to do in the Scriptures as they address your particular situation and working on practical strategies to put build that truth into real life.

Counseling at West Hills is intended to be a safe and accepting experience that is both encouraging and challenging and helps people grow closer to God in the midst of real life challenges.
Our counseling is informal and relational. Think about talking to a trusted friend who you can share anything with. Our discussions are confidential and we regularly hear things that have never been shared with anyone. We listen, share and seek to interpret your real life from what God has said in the Scriptures. This includes helping you figure out practical things to do in real life.

Since we want to be practical, we often agree on things that you can do between meetings to better understand what God has said and put it into practice.

Counseling can last a few weeks or carry on for a longer period of time. It really depends on the nature of what you are dealing with and how you are dealing with it. Our desire is to be a helpful guide with you on the journey be that a short trip or a long trek.