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Resources on Corporate Worship

As a staff, we have listed several books below which are meant to serve anyone looking for a better understanding of corporate worship. These books were chosen for their succinct and simple nature, their clarity, and their effort to approach the subject objectively from Scripture. These books will help you build a view from Scripture as opposed to telling you what to believe.

A few words about the books themselves:
  1. These books are not meant to be an exhaustive exploration of corporate worship. 
  2. West Hills leadership does not necessarily agree with everything discussed in these books. 
  3. West Hills leadership is not claiming that these books are “the best of the best” on this topic. 

Rhythms of Grace – Mike Cosper
Although this book was written mainly for worship leaders, Cosper has penned it to be relatable and accessible for any Christian. This book does an unusually excellent job of overviewing corporate worship without getting entangled in controversies, lists of practical tips, or denominational preferences. Cosper has widely studied what Church fathers, reformers, and modern theologians have to say about corporate worship, so this book will grant you the benefits of his studies while letting Cosper do the heavy lifting.
Worship by the Book – D. A. Carson (editor), Kent Hughes, Tim Keller, Mark Ashton
This book compares and contrasts corporate worship from multiple church traditions: Anglicanism, Presbyterianism, and Free Church. A brief history of corporate worship in each denomination is given, and distinctives are identified. The introductory chapter by D. A. Carson is perhaps one of the best brief analytical treatments on corporate worship from a modern writer. This book may make you think twice about your own church traditions, while helping you to appreciate practices you may have never fairly considered. This is a fantastic ecumenical work, a rare and treasured tool for the Church.
Worship in Spirit and Truth – John M. Frame
This book offers a mini-theology of worship. Bursting at the seams with Scripture references, this book briefly walks through most of what the Bible has to say about corporate worship in under 200 pages.  Frame fairly and cordially covers a variety of worship practices, but he does so while keeping the Word as the measuring line for all subjects. Frame is a prominent, high-caliber theologian among modern Christian academia, yet his ability to treat the complex with simplicity is commendable.

We hope this material helps you become more like Christ. May the Lord grow your adoration of Him! May you be worshiping in all things!
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