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From The Start

By Dan Hall

We walked together in the breeze
And talked together under trees
In Eden’s paradise
All creation was very good
And life’s requirement understood
Obedience the price

But then another voice wooed you
With twisting words ’til doubt broke through
You fell into death’s grip
A broken bond, a garden lost
Sin’s curse then spread at such a cost
To all relationships

On eagles’ wings I carried you
From Pharaoh’s hand that you’d pursue
To know me as your goal
I did not speak of fire and blood
But “heed my voice, I’ll be your God
And you’ll be my people”

You lost the path as you went on
And didn’t notice you had gone
Far out of my straight way
With word you’d come and offering
But without heart all you would bring
Is ritual cliche

Your actions had a louder voice
With thieves and sland’rers you’d rejoice
Shame you could not allay
Don’t focus on propriety
Put list’ning before piety
Know me and you’ll obey

In sacrifice I have no joy
But contrite hearts set no decoy
These I won’t disregard
Come hear the good that I require
Do justice, be kind, and aspire
T’walk humbly with your God

Can you not see that from the start
Communing with all soul and heart
Has always been my bent?
This is eternal life for you
Know me, the only God that’s true
And Jesus whom I sent

In Him you are set free to stand
Where law keeping can’t meet demand
Before me justified
Through the Spirit you wait by faith
With hope of righteousness your claim
When salvation’s applied

To freedom’s voice you must take heed
And to the flesh, oh, do not cede
Neighbor care is your call
For all that really matters now
Is what faith’s love can carry out
As this fulfills my law

Don’t worry, you’re not on your own
You live by, walk in, and follow
My Spirit within you
Produce the fruit of that union
And fleshly deeds will not be done
As love, joy, peace ensue

And when your final day draws near
You can step forward without fear
Of dreadful words employed
“Away from me, I’ve not known you!”
Instead “Good slave, you have been true
Enter your Master’s joy”

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(Photo by Arno Smit on Unsplash)
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