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An Honest Mind’s Reward

By Dan Hall

There was a time when doubts crept in
Through worldly wisdom’s gate
They shook me to my foundation
To steal away my faith

But from the dead Jesus arose
And fact can’t be ignored
To do so would be to forgo
An honest mind’s reward

The truth that Christ conquered the grave
And all the treasure there
Anchored my mind to what will save
And kept me from despair

Endless blessings Christ delivers
For in his death I died
He lives and God now considers
His righteousness as mine

What joy it is that calls to mind
To whom I now belong
Jesus enthroned at God’s right hand
He fills my heart with song

Though death will come this hope I bear
Of Jesus raising me
I’ll see such beauty shine out where
He reigns eternally

Soul, flee to him who gives to you
His resurrection power
Put off the old, put on what’s new
Christ is your sure strong tower

(Photo by Harry Kessell on Unsplash)
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