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True Food

By Dan Hall

You’re wasting precious time to gain
That food which won’t endure
Use all you have so to obtain
That which lasts forever
If it seems to allude you still
Come find out how to get your fill

Come to the Son of man and eat
With feasting faith be fed
Hunger allay and death defeat
For He’s the living bread
All that the Father gives the Son
Will come and He will cast out none

Now look on Him, oh, find Him true
And endless life obtain
For all who His good fare consume
Will never thirst again
He’ll raise you up on the last day
Union with Him as your mainstay

Many do not trust the Son yet
Which is why He has said
No one can come to Him unless
By His Father granted
Lift those to God who need this link 
Christ is true food, His blood true drink

Can he say that?  Should I follow?
Jesus, you raise eyebrows
Your words are sure a hard swallow
Yet down they’ve gone somehow
With newborn eyes I can now see
You’re sustenance to strengthen me

I can not leave, never will go
Jesus, your words are life
And I believe, yes, this I know
With faith close as a wife
You are the Holy One of God
You are my soul’s only lifeblood

(John 6:25-71)

(Photo by Jordane Mathieu on Unsplash )
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