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Children & Students

Nursery – Elementary Age

Children are a blessing from God and at Evergreen we are blessed to have lots of them. We have kids varying in age, ethnicity and spiritual development. We take the responsibility of caring for your child very seriously. All of our teachers are experienced and have had background checks. We labor to provide a safe, clean and fun environment for your child to learn timeless truths about Jesus.

Currently we offer the following ministries for children:

Nursery (birth – 2.5 years)

Parents are encouraged to bring their babies into the worship service for the first 30 minutes, where the entire church worships together. There is a short break for babies to be taken to the nursery so that parents can participate in the sermon without distraction. There is also a Mother’s Room attached to the foyer, near the main entrance, for mothers with newborns to take care of their little ones.


PreK/Kindergarten children also participate in the first 30 minutes of the service as we worship as an entire church. They are dismissed to Sunday School at the break. We teach preschoolers and kindergartners about Jesus and how He is seen in both the Old and New Testaments. We leverage different modes of communication (words, songs, art) to help them in their understanding each Sunday.

1st-6th graders

Elementary children come into our worship service for the first 30 minutes where they have the opportunity to sing with their parents. There is then a break before the message where elementary students are invited to go to their class where age appropriate lessons are given. The goal of the class is to help children see the treasure that Jesus truly is as He is revealed in the Bible.