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Women’s Bible Study

West Hills Ladies! If you are hungry for regular time in God's Word, Bible-based teaching, fellowship, and edifying conversation, please join us for Women's Bible Study this fall as we go through the book of 2 Samuel! INFORMATION: September 12th - November21st (break...

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Mothering By Heart

Being a mom of young children can be both exciting and overwhelming! Is there hope when motherhood gets hard? At Mothering by Heart it is our goal to provide a place of encouragement, rest, and renewal for you during this very exciting, yet challenging season of life....

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Animal Within

The animal within A beast I’m not to tame But this indwelling sin Is dragon to be slain  For out of its dark lair Comes all defilement Consuming this worm’s fare Is death by increment  I have to kill these lusts But saying is not so By God’s Spirit I must Wage war...

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All Church Worship Night

Join us on Sunday night, August 25th from 6-7pm for an All Church Worship Night. This one will be hosted at the San Jose campus. Refreshments to follow.

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30 Glorious Resurrection Realities

Because Christ is risen… We will be raised with Him through His power (1 Cor 6:14) We will be sown perishable and raised imperishable (1 Cor 15:43) Those who believe in Him will live even if they die (Jhn 11:25) We are born again to a living hope (1 Pet 1:3) We are...

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