Love the Lord, all you his saints! The LORD preserves the faithful but abundantly repays the one who acts in pride. Be strong and let your heart take courage all you who wait for the LORD! (Ps 31:23-24)

Last night I went to bed with a full and glad heart: full of hope in the power of my gracious, redeeming, warrior God, gladdened by the way He is showing His goodness amongst our congregations, and filled with questions like…why don’t we have evening services every week?? Here are five reflections I have about the all church worship night, a day later…

1. It is good, and God-glorifying when people share testimonies about what the Lord has done and is doing. Listening to Kyle read Dennis Haughey’s testimony as Dennis is preparing to die might have been the most staggering of all. I have never witnessed a more vivid illustration of what it looks like to walk through the valley of the shadow of death fearing no evil because God is with you. Truly, God has grace to strengthen us for every path He will call us to walk.

2. There was a huge turn-out and it was really good to be together. It was good for both campuses to see each other, pray with each other, eat together, listen to the Word read, and to lift our voices together in praise of our good and gracious God. The joyful and energetic atmosphere before and after the worship time was palpable.

3. God was praised by a church that loves God. Sitting in the front row and being able to hear everyone singing behind me was like having an ocean wave of praise breaking over my head. There were multiple points in the service where all the instruments went silent and the only thing to be heard was the voice of our church family praising God with all their hearts. I love our church so much and I love the love that we share for Him!

4. The public reading of Scripture has the power to shape the world. We heard extended readings from Exodus 15, Lamentations 5, and Luke 1 before the sharing of each testimony. Hearing the Word read aloud before hearing people explain their experiences was like having the Word of God provide a frame for, and a commentary over, reality.

5. Worshipping corporately in both the morning and the evening is glorious. Is it a ton of work to plan and put on two separate services in one day? Yes. But my goodness it is good to have a day full of corporate praise and encouragement in Christ. I understand why so many church traditions adopted the morning/evening pattern for their Lord’s day worship. I look forward to doing more of these evening worship nights.

What did you think about the all church worship night? Was there anything in particular that encouraged you? Anything that you think might have made the night even better? Feel free to email me at and let me know your thoughts!

Soli Deo Gloria!